FxD = $BTC + (Bretton-Woods) + DeFi/DLT/ESG


FX & Payment Platform & Token Denominator:

FxD: a fiat/FX payments platform, tokenized real-asset investment instrument that allows additional features to be added: commodities futures exchange, and traditional and new banking. It also is host to a new kind of stablecoin, designed to finish what Bitcoin started.

The FxD stablecoin with real-asset collateralization is a market-crash secured, store-of-value, non-inflationary, reserve, +1:1 redeemable, token that grows steadily in value & can serve as a currency, safe-haven investment vehicle. It solves the dilemmas stablecoins have fast and the inefficiencies produced by
FxD is not a "crypto-centric" pyramid product. It takes what BTC conceived and commercializes it.
It achieves the Bitcoin/DeFi dream because it does this using ESG, CSR (corporate social responsibility), and decentralizes it.
(If you don't like to read you can scroll down to the video playlist we crudely made on Youtube. We will update the content as we acquire more members and capital.)
NOTE: We have omitted several key components to the explanation because we are in the angel/grant/VC stage. We are happy to discuss this with dedicated DAO members who wish to in AMA, a private forum.

A 1 minute overview of FxD is described in this video:

FxD Token & Platform has the potential to be the most disruptive product in financial innovation and spur the next stage of civilization.

It finishes what Bitcoin started and many projects have attempted, but failed, providing a solution to every issue that every monetary system has faced

Why we are building FxD:

TO COMPLETE THE MISSION: A practical, low-cost, high ROI solution is required.

It is the simplest, cheapest, path to monetization & has the lowest risk profile
It fixes all of the issues with the FOREX & payments market
It is a waste-free system - all components with value have multiple uses
It realizes the potential and actualizes the purposes that Bitcoin and blockchain were created.
1 product/platform.
  • Only requires a prototype/testnet simulation to provide to institutional investors.
  • It is unique enough to be considered digital property, making it "copy-resistant," & patentable.
  • Repurposes the multi-peg, central banked, border/politically restricted, fiat/paper-based interchange of monies with one that history has proven to be better.
  • Fixes the "gold standard," "green-back" issues of Bretton Woods.
  • Everything(one) uses/needs FOREX/payment services: a +$10 trillion a day market volume.
  • Offers an enhancement to existing businesses, institutions, and their customers.
  • Not a stablecoin linked to an existing cryptocurrency or fiat.
  • The "basket-of-goods" reserve concept is re-tuned for the ideal output FxD generates.
  • Collateralized, regulated, and legally redeemable by real assets, tokenized and structured into the platform to:
    • generate ancillary income
    • protect against blackswan/liquidiation/"bank-run" events
    • price stabilization
    • price fiat/crypto transactions as a central-peg
    • "back the value of FxD as a real-value reserve
  • FxD is adjusted by physically adding or removing the analog version of the asset(s) reserves.
  • It is not a competitor or mirror of any political regime/nation's currency: no political risk.
  • The design takes systems that have worked the best and creates the most efficient foreign exchange/global remittance platform to ever exist, which can be offered to individuals, businesses, institutions, and governments for global remittances and FOREX.
  • Pro-IMF/World Bank/United Nations compliant (IMF does not permit currency pegged to gold)

Stages to FxD's growth required:

  • Major, national currencies need to act as intermediaries for smaller fiats at first. Same as Bretton-Woods, except it used the USD.
  • FxD will need to develop the standard via DAO membership and increasing usage volumes to become that central peg.
  • The end result is a full-suite ecosystem of DeFi, including hardware. See comments on credit cards (and debit cards).
  • It should be cooperative (works with banks, governments, institutions etc.)
  • It is blockchain agnostic
FxD creates a unique opportunity for FATExDAO with numerous advantages: