What is FATExDAO?

A DeFi-DAO enterprise building the future of finance and economy via FxD & FATExFi on MATIC is a true "ImpactDAO" FinTech, created to pool member capital for a collective, commercial enterprise focused on creating innovative products and services to rapidly monetize via large-scale, commercial, global, bank-grade application(s).
We take DLT/tokenization tech. to their highest use potential with win-only solutions that align to ESG/CSR & humanities advancement/longevity.
All decisions are approved by its members and follow the most logical course of action.

The first stage of our roadmap: FxD is the baselayer dApp for DAO members to join and help build FxD. a liquidity provider for $PAXG and accumulate CapEx to build: FxD (FATE FX/Fiat Denomination) is a utility token that is a +100% collateralized, real-asset backed, algo-stabilized denomination that acts as a "reserve currency" and financial instrument with several uses. Primarily it can be used as a central-peg for foreign currency transactions, a significantly more efficient remittance and fiat-to-fiat cross-border pass-through, central-peg. It is not a stable-coin, nor attempts to represent/mirror/synthesize any existing or historical attempt that serves the same function.

Why FxD is different:

No other project has created anything that supersedes existing constructs or is fundamentally "new," which would produce the necessary paradigm shift by creating a new, decentralized financial global monetary utility that will merge and enhance the efficiency of the current, central governmental and elite, investment banking systems. Thus far, attempts at this have, at best, applied the digital asset tokenization concept to existing monetary/fiat models. Unfortunately, most of these are extremely risky due to regulatory/political uncertainty, the technical architecture/security risks, the assets used, if it is collateralized at all etc. The myriad of "stables" that have arisen actually convolute what FxD will simplify. FxD is very similar to the Bretton-Woods model, but does not use gold as the reserve, or place one national fiat as the central "backer." Further, it fixes the issues generated by that system. Perfection in economics is not possible, but major improvements are and FxD provides the best upgrade yet. Read more about FxD here.

Long-Term Goals & How We Will Meet Them:

Please join us — there is work to be done! Please read & note the statements in the Disclaimers Section of these documents found here.
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