A Neo-DeFi DAO FinTech usurper & economic-equalizer: ESG, transparency & universal wealth.


The unification of DLT-DeFi tokenization with professionalism & transparency.
Pure "DAO-ism" with a mission:
  • Unleash liquidity
  • Abolish debt-driven instability
  • Reconstruct markets for true-value trade-efficiency
  • Replace TradeFi w/ next-stage, FinTech enterprise to:
    • Bank-All
    • Empower equally
    • Endows R&D to build paradigm-shifting, ESG-aligned technology.

The FATEx roadmap is a guide:

  • For rapid monetization of DAO commercial pursuits, through innovative product creation and application to advent economic products, services & systems that maximize the resources the human civilization currently has access to. (This will also create the means to expand the technological resources and perception of reality in a manner similar to the discovery of spherical planets, circumnavigation, ocean travel etc.)
  • Specifically, via thought leadership and instructions on how to rapidly shift towards non-crypto-centric, DAO-member profit sharing with specific strategies for value creation via sophisticated, but logical, novel products & services that establish the long-term precedents required for a regulated, borderless, digitally fungible asset exchange(s) and non-custodial banking & investments interchange.
The only "fear of missing out" is not joining at all...



Win the war against history, for the FATE of the future...

It is not the fault of prior generations, but it will be the fault of our generation if we do nothing, when we now have the means to.

Empower all members with freedom from illiquidity gained by pooling assets to create a new order of financial freedom.

Pool DAO resources from a traditional dex, upgrade constantly and aggressively to quickly disrupt the entire economy and financial industry: to obtain no more than 10-20% market share as a new type of financial organization via offering services/products/exchange markets that will be formed and take hold in the coming tokenized-digital-asset globalized economy.
  • All decisions and benefits are for the mission of the DAO - members' votes have 100% control.
  • Acquire enough resources to exceed the precedent for any collective innovation/exploration (R&D), commercial enterprise.

Please email us with questions or proposals for a live video discussion or written articles on a forum (i.e. Reddit/medium) at: [email protected]

NOTE: The technology & all descriptions in this paper of products and services have patents pending on behalf of FATExDAO and its members. Copy-Right & Trademark owned by FATExDAO members.

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